Foto Atelier | Gallery Renaissance

Just wander through any art museum and you’ll see room after room of painted and sculpted nudes. Nude figures, as old as art itself, appear in the art of most cultures, but are particularly present in the history of Western art. 

As a photographer I am so intrigued by the use of the light in paintings made in the period of Renaissance and Barok.  

This technique is also known as Chiaroscuro or Clair Obscure. The term is mostly used to describe compositions where at least some principal elements of the main composition show the transition between light dark and refers also to the contrast between the well-lit model and the very dark background. 


That challenged me, and I decided to try to aply this technique in my photographs. 

It took me some time to get all the necessairy elements together; not only the technical part of how use the light, but also details as what colors can be used best. 


For example the color of the background, I used a chocolate dark brown colour to contribute to the whole mood of the picture, I've spent a lot of time looking around at flea markets on the appropriate attributes.


The collection below is the result of the first shoot and I am planning many more.