As a photographer I like to portray emotions through color, posture,

expression and props.

I get quickly bored by those typical beauty photos, as many in the magazines.

It is much more exciting to add dark moods and emotions, even the scene gets a place in the image that I want to shape, I strive for a more real reflection of life.

I leave the experience entirely to you! 

I do not add any text for interpretation,

I refuse to influence the viewer or to force the images to be interpreted in a certain way, an image speaks to you or it doesn't. Simple as that!

Your experience as a viewer, is pure, personal and subjective.

I give a nudity a place,  often as part of a larger whole, sometimes dominant. 

In these times the taboo about naked has made its appearance again,

especially on social meda; but has the criticism ever been away?


That might be a good question to ask!


For me it realy doesn't matter, the naked body is infinitely beautiful,

and I'll continue to be inspired by it!